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Custom Insulated Cedar Garage Doors                             Starting at $2199


  • 2" thick, commercial galvanized steel.
  • Finished with vinyl backed insulation.
  • Cedar wood is chemically bonded and mechanically fastened.


  • Industrial graded commercial track assembly.
  • 20,000 life-cycle torsion springs.
  • Commercial hinges, bottom and top fixtures.
  • Single car garage doors have a top section support strut.
  • Two car garage doors have support struts on every section.
  • Two car garage doors are double end stiles with long stem rollers.


  • Cedar Tongue and Groove 1" x 6" smooth or rough finish.
  • All doors are furnished unfinished.
  • Door must be sealed, painted, and/or stained within 10 days of installation.
  • This is not our responsibility.


  • 1 year on workmanship and de-lamination.
  • 5 year on hardware.
  • 10 year limited warranty on steel sections for construction and/or corrosion.


NOTE: Checking, warping, copping, etc. are natural aging processes of organic wood products and are not considered a defect.



Cedar shrinks and swells with the changes in moisture content. To minimize dimensional changes after installation, we install all wood at a moisture content which matches the local climate. All material is acclimatized prior to installation.